Vintage Harmony H415 Valco Amp

Vintage 60s harmony BOBCAT electric Guitar  Beautiful
Vintage 60s harmony BOBCAT electric Guitar Beautiful
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 76771206450170460 Vintage Harmony H415 Valco Amp

Hello-Up for auction today is an AMAZING mid 60's Harmony H415 made by Valco (SUPRO,GRETSCH) . This is one of the greatest amps I have ever owned...and I dont throw that saying around often. Luckily for myself I have managed to find 2 of these over the years. Luckily for you , I need to sell one so here it is. AMAZING condition , no mods Ostrich tolex un-harmed , original 12 inch jensens that PUMP ! The tube layout is EL84's , 12ax7 , 5y3 rectifier. This amp is rated at 18 watts , LOUD 18 watts. The tone is somewhere between a Vox AC30 and a Marshall Bluesbreaker. You will not be dissapointed. Jump the channels and get a crunch that you wont believe! AC/DC all day with an sg , use a Tele and you get Zep I ...Its truley amazing. Look up the reviews on harmony central. Ive included a link to another one selling with any questions - these things will skyrocket in value when the are discovered by the masses !! Good luck !
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 76771206450170461 Vintage Harmony H415 Valco Amp

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